The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is taking significant steps in early intervention by investing $13.8 million in the groundbreaking Inklings program. Minister for the NDIS, Bill Shorten, alongside WA Minister for Health, Amber-Jade Sanderson, recently visited Inklings, a specialized program designed for infants aged 6-18 months who display early signs of differences in social and communication skills.

In collaboration with Telethon Kids, Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS), and WA Country Health Service, Inklings aims to support 700 families across Western Australia over a three-year period. Supported by cutting-edge research, initial evidence suggests that timely intervention can lead to improved outcomes for both infants and families.

Minister Shorten expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting its alignment with recommendations from the NDIS Review regarding early supports and child development checks. He underscored the government’s dedication to innovation and ensuring the effective allocation of resources, citing recent initiatives such as the Provider Registration Taskforce and measures to combat fraud.

“Inklings enables parents and caregivers to engage early with the guidance of trained practitioners, empowering them to leverage their strengths as responsive communication partners for their babies,” Minister Shorten remarked.

The program’s success stories, such as the positive impact on Addie’s communication skills, highlight the importance of early engagement. Inklings embodies the NDIA’s commitment to providing optimal support for children with autism by incorporating the best research and practices to enhance outcomes. Minister Shorten concluded by affirming the government’s broader objective to effectively support all Australians with disabilities.

The Inklings program represents a forward-thinking approach in Australia’s dedication to early intervention, laying the groundwork for improved developmental outcomes for infants and increased support for families.

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