Global Accessibility Awareness Day is the third Thursday in May each year. This day aims to get everyone talking about digital access and inclusion.

With over one billion individuals living with disabilities worldwide, navigating the global digital arena can be challenging if websites themselves have bugs or other problems that make using them challenging. For instance, a website designed to help persons with vision impairment might not reach its intended audience because it would be too challenging to use if it had a poor colour contrast.

So, let’s have a quick understanding about Digital Accessibility.


What is Digital Accessibility?

Every user should have a top-notch online experience. Web-based services, information, and other digital goods must be accessible to people with disabilities in the same way that they are to those without disabilities. Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), a worldwide event that raises awareness of digital accessibility and inclusion for persons with disabilities, aims to foster this understanding and commitment to inclusion.


Population Affected By Inaccessbility

Around 1 Billion people worldwide have disabilities and are affected by common disabilities/impairments



Changes our Organisation has made this year.

  • Providing Accessibility options in website.
  • Using CamelFont in our #HashTags
  • Using bold/standard fonts to increase user-friendliness.
  • Removing Empty links.
  • Removing Empty Buttons.
  • Dyslexic font usage.
  • Providing Image Alt Text

Be the Change. Making things accessible. 


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